Van Living and Keeping Clean: Yes, It’s Possible! - by Melony Candea of the Westfalia Digital Nomads, a traveling couple living and working in their 1995 T4 VW Westfalia minivan.

Article covers portable showers, portable toilets, and laundry ideas.

1995 VW Eurocamper in Charlottesville, Virginia - usedrvs4sale 1995 VW Eurocamper in Charlottesville, Virginia - usedrvs4sale 1995 VW Eurocamper in Charlottesville, Virginia - usedrvs4sale

Today I logged in to 1500 followers.  I am humbled that so many people connect with this jumble of road and wilderness inspiration.  When I made this tumblr account I had no idea, no expectation, not even a burning desire to garner so much support.  Yet to my surprise each log-in, I found more people loving the same images that help foster my dream into a reality.  I appreciate your presence on my page - every follow, like, reblog, and message.  I wish I could speak with each person about your ambition, the places you want to go, and what you wish to experience.  Logistically I cannot, but I invite feedback, questions, and stories or advice on going on the road and into the wild.

I will continue with the van and nature images, but I aim to increase practical information that will illuminate the how-to’s and accessibility of van living (whether full or part-time).  As an amateur, I began the “Living the Dream” series in which I feature tumblrs that currently own a camper van and post photos from their travels.  They will know more than me about living on the road, and they already have their own story about how they came to do so.  Hopefully one day I can share my own van travels with you all…

Thank you and stay well,

P.S.  Series can be found under the Pages link on my homepage.


Model: 1978 VW Westfalia

Location: Overheating on the way to Las Vegas, Nevada